September 15, 2021
Photo Credit: The Artground

#HomewithTAG is a series of creative and fun activities that kids can do at home. Curated by registered arts charity The Artground, the activities have been designed and contributed by their artist partners.


The activities come with downloadable guides, videos, and worksheets. You'll find activities such as:⁠

Making dried flower art or your own dried herbs, flowers, and peels for cooking and tea - Cultivate Central

Singing and dancing along to a music video - Brocolily

Making puppets from everyday objects - C!puppets

Exploration of dance and movement through unusual dance play structures - RolyPoly Family

Making a food platter - The Artground

Telling a story with found objects - The Storytelling Centre Limited

Playing a game that improves communication bonds and fires the imagination - The Kueh Tutus

Creating googly doodly monsters with simple materials - art@homesg

learning Indian dance hand gestures through a dance-telling activity - ethosodissi

and more!⁠

Page Credit: The Artground
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Art & Craft
Dance & Drama


All ages


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