May 31, 2023
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An online assessment led learning tool for English, math, and sciences for Primary to Secondary school students.


A.I. is used to identify the student's strengths and weaknesses. Personalized worksheets are then generated so that students can practice targeted questions to master the areas that they find challenging. The worksheets are marked by real teachers who will also provide full solutions.

Subscribers also get access to live online lessons.

Geniebook currently has 60,000 users with 100,000 exam questions in its databank. It is fully compatible with the Subject-Based Banding (SBB) that MOE is implementing from 2020 onwards.

Questions are created and updated daily based on the latest syllabus from MOE.

Enhance learning with A.I

The strength of Geniebook lies in the use of A.I. to target areas that students need more practice in.

How it works

1. As your child practices questions on Geniebook, the A.I. system detects topics that are challenging for them.

2. Geniebook personalizes worksheets to help your child master challenging topics.

3. Geniebook provides performance tracking in real time so that parents can track their child's progress.

4. Rewards for making progress also encourage students to make consistent progress.

With 300 personalized worksheets per subject, and a customized revision plan, students will be able to get in sufficient practice to target their weak areas. Learning becomes more effective as the student's time is focused on areas that they find challenging.

According to Geniebook, 90% of students show improvement after 12 Geniebook worksheets.

For Parents

Geniebook allows parents to stay involved in their child's progress. Through the Parent App, parents can assign worksheets and track their child's progress.

You can also assign worksheets curated by Geniebook's teachers or use the study plan.

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Image Credit: Geniebook
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Primary to Secondary school students


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